Wednesday, December 26, 2012

iPhone 5 and Its Features

iPhone 5 and Its Features
By Derek Yip
The new iPhone 5 sets to improve on the current model iPhone 4s. With 4G LTE speeds, a larger screen, free turn by turn navigation, a faster processor and also a sharper and slimmer design, there are some major changes that have been made with the iPhone 5.
The new iPhone 5 is probably one of the lightest smart phones available on the market. With the new construction as well as by slimming down the phone is absolutely amazing.
The retina display also adds amazing clarity to the screen. If you have never seen a retina display you'll be amazed at just how good video playback and regular use of the phone can look on a screen that has retina display.
With new LTE speeds you may be much more encouraged to use a pure data plan rather than use Wi-Fi. LTE runs anywhere from 10 to 20 MB per second, which is much faster than many home-based high-speed Internet connection speed rates. As a result with the iPhone 5 you may want to start using LTE more favorably than your Wi-Fi connection.
Perhaps one of the most shocking differences with the new iPhone 5 is that it has become much harder to unlock. This is because of the new technology known as a Nano Sim.
A Nano SIM is now the world's smallest SIM card and was approved for the new iPhone 5. In order to miniaturize the iPhone 5 even further they decided to go with this new nano SIM. Basically what this Sim card does is to trim off all of the excess plastic around the contacts leaving only the essential space without any extra plastic for you to easily remove the Sim card from your phone at any time. You will not be able to use this Sim card with any regular micro Sim card slot and will need to buy an adapter if you would like to consider using a different phone with the same Sim card. What this means for Apple iPhone 5 users that have existing Sim cards, is that you will need to trim your Sim card in order to fit or purchase an entirely new Sim card for your Apple iPhone 5. Currently this is the easiest way to do a standard Sim to nano SIM conversion.
Many people have taken to their Sim cards with scissors and utilizing this method you risk damaging the contacts which can lose all of your information that is stored on the Sim. Because the information that is stored on a Sim is extremely valuable, and replacing a Sim card can cost you a few dollars as well as all of your lost data, it may be wise to get a nano Sim cutter. This is how you can get a standard Sim to nano Sim conversion.
A nano Sim cutter can be purchased online and offers a guide that will make sure that all of your data is kept safe within the context of your Sim. For standard Sim to nano Sim conversion this is by far the safest way to easily cut your Sim to make it fit into your new iPhone 5 without risking your data or your cell phone plan.
While the iPhone 5 is a revolutionary new smart phone and it does come with a variety of new features that can be extremely helpful, it is important to protect your data and to consider a nano Sim Cutter if you are considering changing your cell phone over to an iPhone 5 and you would like to keep your existing plan and data.

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