Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Seven Features of in the New Samsung Galaxy

Top Seven Features of in the New Samsung Galaxy
By Semeli Karen McPherson
After a lot of excitement in the news media, finally the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 has brought its features and specifications in the light. Many have believed it to be a tough competitor against its age long rival Apple. However, it seems that both have distinct qualities to make them popular amongst technology users. Shoving off the comparison and contrast between the Android based phone and the iOS device let us find out what new has been added to Galaxy S4. Based on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean this version sports TouchWiz UI that brings with it added features.
Smart Scroll Functionality
The most talked about feature of Galaxy S4 is the Smart Scroll. The impression was that of tracking your eyes to scroll the text. However, it is something different from what had been interpreted by technology media. Smart Scroll is a feature that is motion sensor controlled. As soon as you tilt your phone, the internal motion sensors register the movement and accordingly scroll across the screen. Additionally, the feature of Smart Stay is also included that senses your eye movement when you look at the screen or away from it.
Redesigned Camera App
The camera app is loaded with new and improved features. For example, when you are capturing a picture you can record an audio of 9 seconds along with it. Additionally, the feature of Drama Shot is capable of creating action captured via burst mode. You have captured a picture of someone playing tennis; you can combine all pictures and create an action of the tennis player. This way you will be able to create an act of player playing tennis. Another thing that comes added to the camera app is Dual Camera features. You can simultaneously shoot from the front and rear-end cameras at the same time. Now you can shoot a group picture with you in it utilizing this function.
Smart Pause
Smart Pause tracks your eye movement from the front camera. It will sense your eye movement, for example until you are watching a video the video will keep playing, as soon as you take your eyes off it the video will pause.
The S Factor
Galaxy S4 sports quite a few S features. The S Translator is one such feature that helps in translating languages. This works in E-mails, chats and messages equally. This does helps in getting across and reaching out to more people globally. Making interaction and communication easier is what this feature all about.
There is another S feature, S-Voice Drive; this helps you with guided voice navigation that comes handy when you are driving. For those who are health conscious and want to keep up to date with their fitness level the feature of S-Health is an advantage. It helps in keeping a track of workout sessions, dietary intake, and weight management, help monitor your blood pressure and even keep a track of your blood glucose level.
NFC and Group Play
NFC technology has a lot of added advantages, one of them being added to Group Play to enable better interaction. Additionally, Wi-Fi Direct helps in playing music and games together. Glu and Gameloft have designed their games to adapt to this technology. Now you can add 8 players and battle against each other or together in a game.
Air View Feature
The inclusion of the latest feature by the name of Air View is interesting add. Now you need not touch your device, just hover on the screen to zoom in, launch a video, access speed dial and much more. This is the best feature added by Samsung, as now you need not use any stylus or S pen to perform the tasks.
WatchON is yet another feature that is added in the Samsung Galaxy S4. This feature is what gives you the freedom to control your TV set with your Smartphone. This app has an IR blaster that can easily control your remote controlled devices easily. Another thing amazing about this app is that this app is not limited to Samsung cinema boxes and other such flagships.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

IBM ThinkPad Tablet - X61 Tablet Review

IBM ThinkPad Tablet - X61 Tablet Review
By Kent Lee
Lenovo, with its IBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61 computer, has provided the computer world with a sleek, highly portable, and highly versatile convertible PC notebook of the kind is highly in demand by people who are always on the go, such as university students, field reps, entrepreneurs, and soccer moms. In addition, it's very simply a tool totally designed for geeks such as the helplessly computer enamored and professional writers and journalists.
Lenovo's beloved X series of personal convertible electronic notebooks continues its evolution of the electronic tablet with the IBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61, an improvement even over its 'PC Magazine' Editor's choice, the forerunner X41, while taking care of the flaws of the in-between X60 (more efficient performance, longer battery life, and higher testers' scores against industry expectations).
The IBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61 takes miniaturization to another level while improving computational power and versatility. This is a good thing, although some PC users might be somewhat irritated at times with the Munchkinization that can make typing a little more of a challenge for those with larger than average sized hands, especially men.
TheIBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61 has been all the rage in the PC savvy world since it was released last year. It sports what is still considered to be the very best laptop keyboard in the industry and a sturdy, rugged, sleek black matte finish over a light circuitry chassis (made with light-but-strong magnesium alloy), and it's almost instantly ready as soon as you get it out of the box. The ThinkPad X61's electronics were based on Intel's Santa Rosa platform, which was the very first x86 (Core and Pentium CPU chips) chip platform to be introduced for PCs back in 2003. The X61 Tablet's powerful Core 2 Duo processor (X61 models come customized with your choice of the R, T, X, or Z family) is in the direct line of descent from this platform.
Because of its target audience, the IBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61 does not give in to the industry warming trend of the wide screen, but keeps the standard 12" screen, keeping vertical scrolling needs lesser. Not only does it have, despite its miniaturization, the full-sized keyboard that made the X41 so beloved, it also features cutting edge TrackPoint pointer-stick technology that is simply unmatched. The ThinkPad X61 Tablet's one of a kind 180° swivel hinge allows cutting edge screen swivel-and-flip mobility ideal for note-taking, writing, database management, and collaborating.
The IBM ThinkPad Tablet PC X61 is fully compatible with Windows Vista and it can be fitted with embedded WWAN (wireless wide area network, or "wireless broadband"), adding even more to its on-the-go versatility. It's also very easy to use function keys that enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. However, the X61 Tablet has been criticized by some for not having a built-in optical drive (Lenovo offers a separate, attachable docking station but that weights two pounds, and the built-in optical option was kept out for the sake of weight in the first place).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Should Apple Really Consider A "Cheap" iPhone?

Should Apple Really Consider A "Cheap" iPhone?
By Jeremy Bates
Since 2007, Apple has been the industry leader in the smartphone genre of communication device; however, in recent years, they have seen there once monopolized market share being eaten away by Android powered devices, Samsung most notably. In response to such concerns, some critics and Apple insiders have been rumoring that Apple may approach its global competitors by creating a cheaper version of the iPhone for those customers with smaller budgets. The following article will discuss this decision and the potential impact it may have on the prestigious following of Apple.
Apple has long been known to be a technology giant that produces the highest quality products, without sacrificing quality for potential market share. From the iPhone to the iPad to the MacBook, users have never gone to Apple for the bargained price; Steve Jobs was famous for getting people to venture outside their budget for "the best" in the industry. With every product release, Apple followers and loyalists line up outside their retail outlets as if the next product will change their life; and in some cases it has.
As of late, Apple's dominance in the field of smartphone communications has been challenged by competitors that have emulated and reproduced their ideas, making the next product release that much more difficult to differentiate from the field of producers. In response to such a notion, there has been chatter amongst Apple insiders that the iPhone would be spinning a new direction from winning by innovation to winning by creating budget incentive. The result would be a new "cheap iPhone."
What exactly the new budget friendly device would contain is still yet to be known; however, it is clear that this move would demote the aura that surrounds Apple and lower them to the dog-eat-dog competition that has churned out some of the poorest made devices over the past decade.
Apple already has a budget friendly way of promoting its devices by allowing customers to purchase the previous generations for fractions of the newest products sales price. While proponents argue that the out of contract price of these devices is still far beyond what consumers can pay in international markets compared to competitors, opponents argue that the Apple mantra would be jeopardized by such a move.
The verdict is still undecided and the product has yet to be described. The ultimate result of such a maneuver with devices 2 generations old being essentially free is still quite controversial and may indeed change the tide of Apple and the iPhone's perception nationwide. The it factor that the iPhone delivers is partially driven by its exclusivity and high-class symbolism. These factors would likely be eroded, making the already household name become tarnished by cutting quality and "it" factor.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nokia N95 8gb – Black Magic

Nokia N95 8gb – Black Magic

Author: Issac Brandon
One mobile phone that is turning heads is Nokia N95 8GB. It is a graceful and incredible mobile phone that has the capacity to entertain and connect people thanks to its diverse features. Its black color can kill you!
Being GSM enabled, you can carry Nokia N95 8GB to any place you want to visit under the sun and stay connected. It is capable of performing on 2G and 3G networks, which enable its users to access and enjoy the latest facilities that network operators keep on providing from time to time.
Measuring 99 x 53 x 21 mm and weighing 128 grams, Nokia N95 8GB is quite handy to carry anywhere with ease. Despite being light-weight, the mobile phone does not fall short of any latest features.
The Nokia N95 8GB has become popular because of its pre-loaded ring tones, which are polyphonic and MP3 types. When somebody calls you, you can enjoy the melodious tunes of these ring tones. Moreover, the phone also has the option of downloading the latest ring tones that are doing the rounds in the market.
Nokia N95 8GB possesses a 2.8 inch display screen with 16 M colors. You can use the screen to play unbelievable games, watch videos of your choice and see beautiful pictures. It also offers you the option of downloading and storing wallpapers on the screen.
If you like storing pictures depicting memorable moments of your life, its 8GB internal memory can serve your purpose well. It also offers you the option of downloading the latest things such as music, games, and video clips from the Internet and storing for future use and reference.
Using the options like GPRS, HSCSD and EDGE, you can easily access the internet. You can also connect your phone to laptops, gaming consoles and other devices using the USB port.
Nokia N95 8GB has 5 MP camera with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels, a secondary camera for video calling, a music player and FM radio. Its battery delivers 6 hour talk time and has a standby time of 280 hours.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Surface VS the iPad

The Surface VS the iPad and the Reasons to Pick Either One

Author: Stephen Barnum
In a competitive world of tablets the new kid on the block always has the hardest time and the biggest hype. As Microsoft makes its move into the hardware world of mobile devices the Surface makes a splash. We are going to compare the promising device from software giant Microsoft to the established iPad from Apple and see what we get. Despite the iPads commanding lead and fanatic following the Surface is showing some promise.
First off is the covers sported by each device. The Apple Smart Cover is great but seems to do little more than protect the front and back of the device. While this may be all that you really need out of a case, Microsoft didn't see it that way. The Surface's cover is not only for protecting the screen, but it acts as full keyboard giving the tablet a notebook like function. There are 3rd party devices out there for other tablets including the iPad but the claim is that the integration of the keypad is rather impressive.
Next we have the display. iPad has been known for its 9.7-inch display as one of the bigger tablets on the market. Yet here comes the Surface boasting a 10.6-inch screen that on the Pro Version of the phone also has HD. Size of the screen can really make an impact but you have to factor in what you are using your tab for. 7-inchers have their place too so an inch increase is probably not the deciding factor.
The operating systems of these devices are very different in design. The iPad's Apple iOS is focused on smartphones and there has been a cry for OS X to move to the iPad from users. The Surface however shares the Windows 8 OS with not only their smartphones, but desktops as well.
The kickstand added by Microsoft has been a point of contention but the fact is that having a built in stand instead of having to buy a separate device and have to carry that around too seems like a win. Whether people want to be skeptical or not is their choice, but having a kick stand added does very little but good. It increases the tablets functionality and when tied in with the keyboard cover turns the tablet into a mini notebook.
Apple chose to go with a simplified approach to the iPad and their overall OS. These appeals to those that are less technologically advanced or maybe just want something simple. The problem is that it doesn't answer every ones needs. Microsoft went in the other direction with the Surface and is bringing a new complex and advanced feel to the tablet. In the end this is decided by opinion and needs but similar to the Apple-Android debate consumers will have to choose what fits their needs best.
As far as physical design goes Apple has had a long time to perfect theirs and it shows. The iPad is sleek and in general a beautiful device. Yet the Surface is looking pretty good too. It's worth taking a look at for sure but is it really better than the iPad? That is a very tough call to make. It's a good bet to say that they will be on equal footing when it comes to aesthetics.
Windows 8 has a great chance at becoming one of the most used and liked pieces of software ever. Those that have tested it are saying that it has a good chance to pass Windows 7 which is very popular already. The inclusion of the OS could be enough to push the Surface to become a huge success.
The fact is that like any other tablet it is going to come down to preference. The iPad fills a very valuable niche in the tablet market and it's not something you can really ignore. Aside from its large following Apple as a whole is very inviting to artists and those that value simplicity highly. This can ultimately be the deciding factor in the market. Yet there are many out there, specifically the technologically advanced and application developers that want a bit more control and functionality. Complexity is a great thing for those that like to push the boundaries and the like. There really is no end all be all tablet when it comes down to it. The kindle was a far better e-reader than the iPad when it was out and in this capacity it was chosen first for this need by many. Which device is better? At the end of the day the real answer is neither. An opinion is an opinion and every individual has needs and preferences. So my advice to you if you are choosing one over the other is weigh what it is you are looking for and what needs you need to fill. This should be what everyone uses when picking a device, not what brand or label is on the back.