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The Surface VS the iPad

The Surface VS the iPad and the Reasons to Pick Either One

Author: Stephen Barnum
In a competitive world of tablets the new kid on the block always has the hardest time and the biggest hype. As Microsoft makes its move into the hardware world of mobile devices the Surface makes a splash. We are going to compare the promising device from software giant Microsoft to the established iPad from Apple and see what we get. Despite the iPads commanding lead and fanatic following the Surface is showing some promise.
First off is the covers sported by each device. The Apple Smart Cover is great but seems to do little more than protect the front and back of the device. While this may be all that you really need out of a case, Microsoft didn't see it that way. The Surface's cover is not only for protecting the screen, but it acts as full keyboard giving the tablet a notebook like function. There are 3rd party devices out there for other tablets including the iPad but the claim is that the integration of the keypad is rather impressive.
Next we have the display. iPad has been known for its 9.7-inch display as one of the bigger tablets on the market. Yet here comes the Surface boasting a 10.6-inch screen that on the Pro Version of the phone also has HD. Size of the screen can really make an impact but you have to factor in what you are using your tab for. 7-inchers have their place too so an inch increase is probably not the deciding factor.
The operating systems of these devices are very different in design. The iPad's Apple iOS is focused on smartphones and there has been a cry for OS X to move to the iPad from users. The Surface however shares the Windows 8 OS with not only their smartphones, but desktops as well.
The kickstand added by Microsoft has been a point of contention but the fact is that having a built in stand instead of having to buy a separate device and have to carry that around too seems like a win. Whether people want to be skeptical or not is their choice, but having a kick stand added does very little but good. It increases the tablets functionality and when tied in with the keyboard cover turns the tablet into a mini notebook.
Apple chose to go with a simplified approach to the iPad and their overall OS. These appeals to those that are less technologically advanced or maybe just want something simple. The problem is that it doesn't answer every ones needs. Microsoft went in the other direction with the Surface and is bringing a new complex and advanced feel to the tablet. In the end this is decided by opinion and needs but similar to the Apple-Android debate consumers will have to choose what fits their needs best.
As far as physical design goes Apple has had a long time to perfect theirs and it shows. The iPad is sleek and in general a beautiful device. Yet the Surface is looking pretty good too. It's worth taking a look at for sure but is it really better than the iPad? That is a very tough call to make. It's a good bet to say that they will be on equal footing when it comes to aesthetics.
Windows 8 has a great chance at becoming one of the most used and liked pieces of software ever. Those that have tested it are saying that it has a good chance to pass Windows 7 which is very popular already. The inclusion of the OS could be enough to push the Surface to become a huge success.
The fact is that like any other tablet it is going to come down to preference. The iPad fills a very valuable niche in the tablet market and it's not something you can really ignore. Aside from its large following Apple as a whole is very inviting to artists and those that value simplicity highly. This can ultimately be the deciding factor in the market. Yet there are many out there, specifically the technologically advanced and application developers that want a bit more control and functionality. Complexity is a great thing for those that like to push the boundaries and the like. There really is no end all be all tablet when it comes down to it. The kindle was a far better e-reader than the iPad when it was out and in this capacity it was chosen first for this need by many. Which device is better? At the end of the day the real answer is neither. An opinion is an opinion and every individual has needs and preferences. So my advice to you if you are choosing one over the other is weigh what it is you are looking for and what needs you need to fill. This should be what everyone uses when picking a device, not what brand or label is on the back.

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