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Microsoft Surface Tab Review

Microsoft Surface Tab Review
By Siman Andy
The Microsoft surface tab is one of the most recently released tablets into the growing market that is causing significant ripples amongst tablet enthusiasts. This review will go through some of the major features of the tablet to give you an outlook on what to expect before you buy it.
Design of the Tablet
First and foremost, we have to take a look at the overall design of the tablet. The first thing that you will notice when you hold it is that it is comfortably thin and does not weigh a lot. It has a cover that has been attached with magnets which if you want to put into place you can quickly do so without any hassle.
The front looks good with its black glass and minimal branding which is not like most Microsoft products. All that you see is a tiny windows logo. To make matters better, the windows logo is not placed there just for brand identification, it has a purpose. Hit the Windows touch button and it quickly brings up the Windows start screen. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the whole 10.6" screen responds to touch so you do not have to eliminate it as not being a touchscreen.
Built in Stand
Unlike most of the other tablets in the market that you always have to hold in your hand unless you buy expensive accessories, the Microsoft surface tab has a built in stand to eliminate this problem. It can be flipped out when needed and when not needed, magnets hold it firmly in place so you don't have to worry about the stand just unfolding by itself. When you want to use it on your lap, the tablet has a touch cover that will make sure it sits firmly in place as you do your typing.
Features of the Microsoft Surface Tab
When it comes to the ports on this tablet, Microsoft did their best not to put in too many. They actually put in the bare minimum. You will find that it has the keyboard connector, dual speakers and microphones and a USB 2.0. If you cough up for the Microsoft surface pro then you will get a USB 3.0 instead. You also have a Micro HDMI port as well.
Interface Usability & Power
The next important thing we have to look at is how convenient the tablet actually is when using it. The tablet was built to run on Windows which it does with great style. You will enjoy the touch screen controls windows took a lot of time to create for its Metro-style apps. The tablet has a reasonably powerful Intel Core i5 that can easily crunch very challenging programs. The touchpad is also one that they did a great job on as the precision is not one to be ignored in the tablet industry. The tablet runs on Windows RT and if you liked Windows 8 then you will also like Windows RT.
How much the Microsoft Surface tablet will cost is yet to be revealed. One can be sure however that it will be in the same range as their biggest tablet computer competitor, the Apple iPad.
All in all, the Microsoft surface tab is not one to be cast aside like many other tablets emerging in this budding industry. Many tablet enthusiasts like what they see so far and can hardly wait for the release.
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